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Choosing the right school is difficult - we provide impartial advice and assistance in finding the right school for your child.

School Discovery

The process of researching, shortlisting and selecting the best fit school is time-consuming and, at times, stressful and confusing. Parents rely on a variety of sources - online, offline, word of mouth- and have no easy way to be guided through the process in one place.

Whether you are just starting to explore the idea of moving to the independent sector and need further information on fees, locations and the benefits of boarding, or perhaps your child is coming from overseas and you want to find the right school for them in the UK, The Scholato team is here to help.


Contact us today and we can arrange an online consultation to discuss your family’s requirements. We are here to listen to and learn what it is you are looking for in a school, what your child needs from a school and start to see how we can ensure we find the right school for them.


Following the consultation, we will arrange for your child to sit an online, academic assessment. We use a suite of tools for these assessments including tests which the independent schools themselves use to grade your child's level of English. In assessing your child's skills in English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal processing we are then able to produce a report giving a comprehensive overview of their academic skills. The results enable us to accurately compare your child's performance with their peers at UK independent schools.


After reviewing the assessment results combined with school reports and the initial consultation, we will be able to suggest to you a list of suitable schools. Once you have decided on which schools to apply to, we are here to guide and advise you on the admissions process through to accepting an offer.

Georgina – General Manager

Georgina has a wealth of experience in the independent education sector, she grew up in a Sussex prep school as her father was Headmaster there, attended independent schools through to 18 and joined Next Step Education in 2014. She has worked on all stages of the placement process over the years and has helped countless families on their education journey from nursery to senior schools and beyond.

As GM, Georgina oversees all placements and the communication with the wider Scholato team.

Meet us at the
Independent Schools Show and Boarding Schools Show


Our consultancy service is here for any family considering independent schools in the UK and overseas, but we are also partnered with the Boarding Schools Show and support all families registered for the shows. The Boarding Schools Show travels the world and provides unique opportunities for parents to meet the Heads and Admissions Directors of the most prestigious boarding schools. Scholato travels with the team on their tours of Asia and Europe and we look to establish a long relationship with out clients both online and then in person at one of the shows.

Many families attending the shows do not have prior knowledge of the independent schools and it can be slightly daunting - Which schools should you approach at the show? What questions should I ask? Do all the schools have entrance assessments? Do they offer day places? What should I be looking for in a school?

Once you have registered for one of the shows we will be in contact (or contact us directly here) to help you with these questions and ensure that you go to the show prepared and able to make the most out of your time.

On the call we will take the time to understand the needs and requirements of your child and the family as a whole. We will explain in full the service that we offer and how that can start with an assessment and lead right the way through to accepting an offer at a school.