Simplifying the education journey, every step of the way

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Scholato is currently in beta.

If you are a school, we would love you to join us on the first stage of the journey.


Putting all of the steps on your child’s education journey onto the same map. 

  • Timeline: The unique Scholato tool to guide parents through the education lifecycle so they can plan school choices for their children.

  • Shortlists: Parents shortlist schools for each child and then see those schools’ events and admission deadlines on a visual timeline.

  • Reminders: Scholato enables schools to direct age-appropriate nudges to parents, prompting them into action at the right time. 


A medium for schools to tell their story. 

  • Time-saving organisational tools: The unique Scholato Timeline© that allows schools to provide parents with information and timely reminders about every aspect of the application process.
  • A personalised space: A platform to tell parents what matters most about your school using videos, articles, interviews with pupils, teachers & alumni…
  • Build a community: Connect and communicate with parents who want information that will enable them to manage their children’s education more effectively.

Why Scholato?

Every parent going into the labyrinthine British school system needs a ball of Ariadne’s magic thread to find a way through. Our four children each went to a different school and we have experienced every entry point (4+, 7+, 11+, 13+, 16+). This was a choice - we felt they each needed an individual experience. It can be a bewildering process but with the right guidance, your children will come through their school years as well rounded, independent learners.