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The process of researching, shortlisting and selecting the best fit school is time consuming and, at times, stressful, and confusing. Parents rely on a variety of sources, online, offline, word of mouth and have no easy way to compare options.

Scholato combines over 30 years of local knowledge in the education sector into one user-friendly platform to help parents around the world.

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We are here to provide you with clear choices for your child.
For parents choosing a school, Scholato:


Enables and enriches the discovery process

Via consultations we find out what motivates your child, family ambitions for the future and extracurricular interests. Through our assessments, we discover their academic ability in line with their peers at UK independent schools.

Explains how to prepare your child

Preparing the student, both academically through tutoring, reading lists, sample papers and also pastorally. It can be a huge step for a child moving over to a boarding school, Scholato ensures it is the right step and one they are happy with and prepared for.

Simplifies making multiple applications

Once the school choices have been made we can assist and advise on the applications and help to manage the rest of the journey - from registrations documents to school visits and assessments, accepting offers and more.

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The Power of a Schools Gathering: A Perspective for Local Parents in Dubai

Explore the significance of collective school gatherings like the Dubai Boarding Schools Show for local parents. Learn how these events streamline information gathering, facilitate direct interaction with school representatives, foster networking opportunities, and keep parents informed about educational trends. Discover how such events empower parents to make informed decisions about their child’s education in Dubai.

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About Scholato

Scholato is part of the Next Step Education group of companies which also includes Bonas MacFarlane, the Independent Schools Show and the Boarding Schools Show.

London based Bonas MacFarlane is the leading provider of tuition and advice to families worldwide with offices in London, Almaty and Bangkok.

The Independent Schools Show and the Boarding Schools Show have been producing events for independent schools to recruit pupils in London and 14 key overseas markets around the world for 15 years.