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Independent Schools Show | Summer Fair

The Independent Schools Show Summer Fair returns to the Hurlingham Club in London on Tuesday 21st May for London parents preparing for senior school entry, this is the comprehensive guide to 11+ and 13+ independent school options.


Come and discover leading London independent day schools and explore education options beyond the city, including commuter belt independents and prestigious UK boarding schools. Deliberate on the decision of introducing your child to boarding at a prep school or waiting until 13+ senior school entry.


In the serene atmosphere of the Hurlingham Club, engage in crucial face-to-face discussions with senior admissions staff and headteachers. These discussions, often difficult to schedule during fast-paced group school tours at Open Days, provide invaluable insights.

Let the Summer Fair help you reflect on your school choices, consider boarding, and plan how you will prepare your child for admissions tests and interviews.