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Westminster School Comes to Dubai

Join us and 20+ of the most prestigious boarding schools at the Boarding Schools Show on March 16th at the...

5 months ago
Join us and 20+ of the most prestigious boarding schools at the Boarding Schools Show on March 16th at the Sheraton Hotel MOE.

Oxbridge Acceptances: Top Schools and Trends

A compelling table recently published by The Spectator sheds light on the schools that garnered the highest number of Oxbridge offers in the past year. Notably, both Oxford and Cambridge have seen an increase in the proportion of acceptances from state schools, now standing at 69%, a notable rise from 52% in 2000. Among the 80 schools analyzed, 33 are independent, 26 are grammar or partially selective, 18 are sixth-form colleges, and three are comprehensives or academies.

These schools are ranked based on the number of offers received, followed by the offer-to-application ratio. It’s worth mentioning that schools with fewer than three offers from a particular university had their data discounted, in accordance with UCAS’s disclosure control policy.

The top 10 independent schools, based on Oxbridge offers, are as follows:

RankIndependent SchoolTypeAppliedOffersSuccess Rate
1Westminster SchoolIndependent1938142%
2Eton CollegeIndependent1784827%
3St Paul’s Girls School, LondonIndependent784659%
4St Paul’s School, LondonIndependent1454229%
5King’s College SchoolIndependent1364130%
6The Perse SchoolIndependent1233629%
7Highgate SchoolIndependent843036%
8Wycombe Abbey SchoolIndependent702637%
9Magdalen College SchoolIndependent1012626%
10North London Collegiate SchoolIndependent802430%


Key Observations from the Top 10 Independent Schools:

  1. Location Matters:

    • More than half of the top ten schools are located in London.
    • Four out of the top five schools are situated in London.
    • All non-London schools in the top ten are within 60 miles of Central London.
  2. Single-Sex or Co-ed:

    • Eight out of the top ten schools are single-sex up to at least Sixth Form.
    • Of these, Westminster, King’s College, and Magdalen accept girls at Sixth Form.
    • Eton and St. Paul’s are exclusively all-boys institutions.
    • St. Paul’s Girls, Wycombe Abbey, and North London Collegiate School are fully all-girls schools.
  3. Boarding vs. Day:

    • Day schools dominate the list, with Eton and Wycombe Abbey being the only traditional boarding options.
    • Westminster offers boarding to 24% of its pupils.
  4. Academic Selectivity at Entry:

    • All top 10 independent schools are known for their extreme academic selectivity at entry, whether at 11+/13+ or 16+.

This data not only showcases the schools that excel in preparing students for Oxbridge but also reveals notable trends in location, school type, and academic selectivity.


In 2026, Westminster School are delighted to announce that they will be introducing girls into all years, along with a new pre-prep school. 

Free tickets are available now for the Boarding Schools Show which offers parents an invaluable opportunity to engage directly with these admissions directors, educational experts, and representatives.


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