Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scholato just for independent/private schools?

No, Scholato is a tool to search and shortlist all schools in the UK, both independent and state no matter the age of your child.


Is there a limit to the number of children I can add to my dashboard?

No, Scholato is set up to help parents navigate all their children's educational journeys. 


How many times will we be emailed after signing up to Scholato?

If you sign-up for an account or our newsletter we will email you no more that once per week with information that fits your child-specific data. We hope that you will enjoy our newsletters and find our information useful but if ever you don't, you can simply opt out using the preference form here.


Do I have to pay to use all the features of this site?

No, parents will never be charged to use the site. All features are open to every user.


How do I add another child to my account?

The 'add child' button can be found on your dashboard.


Is my data safe?

Yes, please refer to our terms and conditions along with our privacy notice here.


How do I reset or change my password?

You will need to know the email address you used for your account. Go to login page and click the 'forgotten password' button and follow the instructions.


As a school how do I update my information?

Firstly you need to claim your profile here, then you will be asked to register as a user. An email will be sent out to confirm your details and give you access to your dashboard.