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Step Up Expo

Step Up Expo is an inclusive event that will lead the conversation for parents and young people.

It will help teenagers and their parents through the minefield of education choices:

  • GCSE options
  • 16+ school/college choices, subject and  qualification choices
  • Employment and training
  • 18+ education, apprenticeships & career options
  • Gap years

STEP UP EXPO, in conjunction with an impactful Evening Standard campaign, will provide practical advice and support on the key issues facing young people today, ranging from bullying and body image to money management and adapting to climate change.

Friday 30 June – Saturday 1 July 2023

Step Up Expo will be presented across engaging event zones that will inspire and empower students and parents to take the next steps in their journey.

They will be guided through education choices and work opportunities, be offered masterclasses and exam preparation, and be inspired by influencers, keynote speakers and students like them across our stages and workshops.

Partner brands will be invited to join our inspirational talks programme, and create engaging and fun experiences, and build powerful connections with all visitors