About Scholato

Simplifying the education journey, every step of the way

I feel like I spend half of my life worrying about my children and school. Are they at the right school?
Will they get into the school we like? Will they like it?
Have I missed the deadline? Are we doing this right?

The path we map out for our children through the educational landscape requires thought, time and organisation. We can take the process more or less seriously, devote vast or small amounts of energy to getting it right, but in every instance, there is a need for information, delivered in a helpful and timely fashion and ideally, all in the same place. With this in mind, and because we couldn't find such a place, we built Scholato.


How does Scholato work?

At its heart, Scholato is a timeline. Parents can create profiles for their children specifying where they live and how old they are and Scholato will create a child-specific chronological guide to help parents see what schools exist and understand what they need to do to visit them and apply. Simply, instinctively and comprehensively.


A culture of access

Scholato embraces a culture of access. We empower parents to make the best choices for their children and give them the tools to do so with ease. It speaks to them as parents, through the filter of their requirements for their children but also as individuals who are curious, whose horizons are diverse and who will respond to engaging information about a decision that touches on so many aspects of their lives.

If education is a door to the future, then Scholato is a tool to help open that door.


(Useful) Information is knowledge

Scholato is first and foremost about the provision of useful and timely information. Because parents express the sentiment that the process of choosing and gaining access to a school feels labyrinthine, Scholato takes pains to consistently demystify and simplify this process through information.


Experience = a better experience

Scholato comes from the team behind Bonas MacFarlane and the Independent Schools Show. Understanding the educational process and helping parents find schools for their children are the guiding lights behind everything we do. Scholato is the tool parents and schools have asked for. We have built it with and for them.